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Wednesday 19th June

9h – Opening

9h15 – Invited Talk – Christine Solnon, “Experimental Evaluation of Subgraph Isomorphism Solvers" - Session Chair: Luc Brun-

10h15 – Break

10h45 – Graph Embedding - Session Chair: Jean-Yves Ramel -

         10h45-11h15    #3   Xavier Cortés, Donatello Conte and Francesc Serratosa, “Sub-optimal Graph Matching by Node-to-node Assignment Classification”

         11h15-11h45    #21 Yuhang Jiao, Yueting Yang, Lixin Cui and Lu Bai, “An Attributed Graph Embedding Method using the Tree-Index Algorithm”

         11h45-12h15    #16 Elena Rica, Susana Álvarez and Francesc Serratosa, “On-line Learning the Edit Costs based on an Embedded model”

12h15 – Lunch

13h30 – Graph-based Representations - Session Chair: Francesc Serratosa -

         13h30-14h        #17 Darshan Batavia, Walter Kropatsch, Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz and Rocio Moreno Casablanca, “Congratulations! Dual graphs are now orientated!”

         14h-14h30        #15 Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello and Giancarlo Sperlì, “An hypergraph data model for expert finding in Multimedia Social Networks”

         14h30-15h        #13 Icaro Dourado, Salvatore Tabbone and Ricardo Torres, “Event Prediction based on Unsupervised Graph-Based Rank-Fusion Models”

         15h-15h30        #22 Ananda Chowdhury and Abhimanyu Sahu, “A Graph-theoretic Framework for Summarizing First-Person Videos”

15h30 – Break

16h – TC15 Meeting

19h30 – Welcome Cocktail



Thursday 20th June


9h – Invited Talk – Marco Gori, “Local Propagation in Graphical Neural Networks” - Session Chair:  Pasquale Foggia -

10h – Break

10h30 – Graph Edit Distance - Session Chair: Andreas Fischer -

         10h30-11h        #14 Nicolas Boria, Sébastien Bougleux, Benoit Gaüzère and Luc Brun, “Generalized Median Graph Via Iterative Alternate Minimizations”

         11h-11h30        #2   Elena Rica, Susana Álvarez and Francesc Serratosa, “Learning the Graph edit costs: What do we want to optimise?”

         11h30-12h        #1 David B. Blumenthal, Sébastien Bougleux, Johann Gamper and Luc Brun, “GEDLIB: A C++ Library for Graph Edit Distance Computation”

12h – Lunch

13h30 – Graph Matching  - Session Chair: Walter Kropatch -

         13h30-14h       #25 Miguel Angel Lozano, Manuel Curado Navarro, Francisco Escolano and Edwin Hancock, “Network Embedding by Walking on the Line Graph”

         14h-14h30        #4 Michael Stauffer, Paul Maergner, Andreas Fischer and Kaspar Riesen, “Cross-Evaluation of Graph-based Keyword Spotting in Handwritten Historical Documents”

14h30 – Social Event



Friday 21th June


9h – Parallel computing for graph applications - Session Chair: Pierre Héroux -

         9h-9h30            #20 Donatello Conte, Giuliano Grossi, Raffaella Lanzarotti, Jianyi Lin and Alessandro Petrini, “A parallel MCMC algorithm for the Balanced Graph Coloring problem”

         9h30-10h          #18 Vincenzo Carletti, Pasquale Foggia, Pierluigi Ritrovato, Mario Vento and Vincenzo Vigilante, “Solving subgraph isomorphism through parallel state-space search”

10h00 – Break      

10h30 – Graph-based Applications - Session Chair: Ananda S. Chowdhury -

         10h30-11h       # 12 Enes Algul and Richard Wilson, “A Database and Evaluation for Classification of RNA Molecules using Graph Methods”

         11h-11h30        #19 Kaouther Tabia, Xavier Desquesnes, Yves Lucas and Sylvie Treuillet, “Local Binary Pattern based Graph Construction for Hyperspectral Image Segmentation”

         11h30-12h        #28, Vincenzo Carletti, Pasquale Foggia, Erik Garrison, Luca Greco, Pierluigi Ritrovato and Mario Vento, “Graph-based representations for supporting genome data analysis and visualization: Opportunities and Challenges”

12h00 – Lunch

13h00 – Spectral vs Mathematical Programming Methods for Graph-based Applications - Session Chair: Edwin Hancock -

         13h00-13h30        #6   Mostafa Darwiche, Donatello Conte, Romain Raveaux and Vincent T'Kindt, “Solving the graph edit distance problem with variable partitioning local search”

         13h30-14h        #24 Helene Svane and Aasa Feragen, “Reconstructing objects from noisy images at low resolution”

         14h-14h30        #5   Jianjia Wang, Richard Wilson and Edwin Hancock, “Graph Edge Entropy in Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics for Alzheimer's Disease Analysis”

         14h30-15h        #23 Ibrahim Caglar and Edwin Hancock, “Network Time Series Analysis using Transfer Entropy”

15h - Closing

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